Monday, 15 September 2014

Managing Your Stress Does Not Have to be Stressful

Stress is the Silent Killer.

Know your stress triggers. Like fear, tension, anxiety, stress is simply a natural, but very primitive response in our mind to “fight” or “run” from some real or perceived crisis or threat or physical danger.  We perk up, become tense and ready to “do something or nothing”.  Blood and adrenaline rushed to every organ, our muscles tighten, breathing become harder or faster, and sometimes we just panic, become dizzy, nausea and lip-biting and a dry mouth simply paralysed us.  Sound familiar?  Know it is normal.  Change your stress triggers if you know what they are. Stress and fear are close cousins.  Stress is often silent, fear is often very real. The only way to manage both is to develop effective ways to respond to both.

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