Sunday, 7 September 2014

Welcome to MIKOspace

Welcome to MIKOspace

Enter the cyber-spatial haven of “Wisdom for Play, Work and Life” for sharing, questioning and creation of wisdoms to guide a better, more truthful understand of the actual world without the delusion of ideologies, belief systems, superstitions, legacy practices and anything that retard the evolution of effective, workable and beneficial living guides for wholesome, harmonious and peaceful relations with the environment, community, social institutions and one another. 

At MIKOspace, discover the ultimate truths by peeling off the multi-layers of false realities imposed over centuries of dogma, man-made theories, ancient philosophies, control systems and self-serving thinking models.     

Many themes would be explored here. Self-empowerment, Leadership, Management, Politics, Singapore, Education & Learning, Human Talents, CSR & Sustainability, Parenting, Global Concerns, Community & Race Relations … etc shall be addressed by my initial postings.  Other worthy themes can be added to enhance understanding and pursuit of the truth.  You may also share entire articles and items from other blogs, properly attributed and duly credited of course.

Be respectful of others’ views as you would expect yours.  Disagreed by all means, and/or agreed by elaboration if so desired. Very minimal or no moderation shall be applied to the discussions.  Intelligent, logical and illustrative arguments and discussions are most welcome.  But you do not have be an expert at what you want to say.  No tolerance here for the unruly, vulgar or insulting.  Point to appropriate URL links for related articles, pictures, videos or other media, and attached useful references and credits.

All discussions and contents posted or uploaded at MIKOspace shall be entirely copyrighted to me exclusively.  However, anyone may reproduce or quote sections or entire discussions from MIKOspace with proper credit attribution and URL direction.    





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