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“Las Indias” is the Transnational Community behind the blog and the cooperatives that make up the Las Indias Cooperative Group (web-site in Spanish) since 2002. On this Post, Learn where our conversation comes from, how it led us to understand that organizations can be based on fraternity, and to the insight that the marketplace can allow the small to flourish in a globalized world.

The Goal of “Las Indias” is to open conversations and to show new helpful ideas for helping you in your effort of making your life more interesting. To the “indianos” as they called themselves, life has become meaningful through the passion for learning. That is why Friends are regularly invited to write a post on their own approach to an interesting life.

In this series, you can find fresh thoughts of interesting people as Michel BauwensNeal Gorenflo or Kevin Carson who have also written on other kind of subjects.

But is there any subject more interesting than the meanings of life?

It is through our contributions, and no longer through our social role in the labor-capital system, that we find the meaning of our life.

For us, sharing, cooperating, and trusting has made us incredibly wealthy, just not in money. Wealth, really, is an experience: the ability to always get what you need and often get what you want.

It’s those who tell the stories that shape society. So what kind of person do you want to become and what kind of world do you want? It might depend on what kind of conversations you’re having.

The best way to learn is not by being shown, but by doing. And that’s something that games and fun allow us to incorporate into our efforts to cultivate a new world. They create unique and powerful avenues to engage, excite, and energize people about our movements.

An interesting life is not far away in exotic lands, nor is it going to happen next weekend. It’s right here, right now, waiting for us. It doesn’t require advanced degrees, or vast wealth, or even a lot of spare time. All it requires is an alert mind.

An interesting life gives us the opportunity to develop our skills, interests and affinities and finding our most rewarding productive niche in the community, for the satisfaction of contributing to the joint efforts and happiness of our peers.

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