Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Tribute to MM Lee Kuan Yew - from David Leong

To Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew
From A Grateful Singaporean, David Leong:


[16.9-1923 – 23.3.2015]

The heavy curtain finally falls on the unlikely stage.
The final episode for Lee Kuan Yew;
What a Life and Fate!
For Singapore to have him in those tumultuous time.
Behind him, all Singaporeans bind.
To build a Nation strong and free.
To be the Best Singapore can be.
What a Life, what a Fate!
Of him, many things are said.
Nothing else matters,
Nothing more from this great man.
Only he and his Legacy,
Singapore and Singaporeans matter.
This nation owes to Lee Kuan Yew’s dreams and dare.
All his life, it is Singapore he truly cares.
History will define him hence on.
With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes,
I bid my inspirational idol good-bye.
Since young, I adore his drive, verve and nerve.
Steely, stolidly and solidly he builds Singapore.
He has gone with the wind,
Only his name will ring.
The last chapter.
The final episode and hereafter.
A Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew.
His story is sealed.
I weep.
Only with memories of him I keep.


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