Sunday, 29 March 2015

Eulogy to Lee Kuan Yew

Eulogy to LKY – He Finished Well

Today's the Funeral of Lee Kuan Yew,
Founder and Father of Singapore
And all Singaporeans;
Rains pour from the skies from the early morn,
Restrained for the past 6 days when he passed;
Washing the streets ahead of his procession
From Parliament House passing City Hall
Along the Padang to Trade Union House,
Through Bukit Merah, Queenstown, Commonweath
Before reaching University Concert Centre at Kent Ridge.
Along the streets his beloved Singaporeans in millions await,
For whom he loves and gives his life, wisdom and all.
Tears and raindrops merged before they hit the ground,
Heaven and people combined in united grief.
Many reached out to see him for the very last time;
Few know him face-to-face, mostly at a distance,
Many have seen him, heard his speeches,
In every general election, most have voted for him,
To lead us, our children and theirs into a better tomorrow;
We have not been disappointed.

Fifty years ago, Lee Kuan Yew wept for Singapore
When tossed out like a pariah and garbage from Malaysia;
Today, Singapore weeps for Lee Kuan Yew  
For the Metropolis that he promised then to build;
A better place than the one we left, More prosperous, harmonious, peaceful and safe;
A Garden City by the sea,
A Nation par excellence,
A People rugged and resilient,
To continue his nation building vision
For the future of the world, and
For our generations to come.
Much are written on how he began,
How he define my future and us all,
How he fought, persuade, lead and organise,
For us to become his vision made real; 
Around us his handprints and footprints
Leaves no doubt LKY’s the Architect and Builder,
A Servant Leader by any measure,
A mortal human being,
Extraordinary by exceptional degree.

Heaven’s rains and our tears mixed,
Surge forth like a tidal wave
United in joyful celebrations,
To carry his remains to eternity
And preserve his immortality among the Greats;
We can choose to feel abandoned
By the loss of LKY in our midst;
Or to grasp the inheritance he left for us,
To continue his work to our very end.

Singapore is LKY’s dedication;
We are his pre-occupation.
He took us on a path of no return,
Promising a journey demanding
And worth the effort;
He made my life his endgame,
And Singapore his life;
He set his sights on Singapore made exceptional,
To achieve the things that really matter,
That we make a difference to the world
To make a difference in my life.

At every stage of his life,
LKY put forth his best effort
To the very end of his life,
He fought a good fight for Singapore;
We should now show the same diligence
To the very end of our lives;
Be involved and help others positively,
Never leave the weak, poor and sick
And leaving no Singaporean behind;
Do them with his enthusiasm,

To finish well like him.

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