Sunday, 22 March 2015

Obituary 2015 - Lee Kuan Yew


[16.9-1923 – 23.3.2015]

First Prime Minister of Singapore (1965-1990);
Global Statesman, Visionaire Extraordinaire,
Nation Builder, Community Integrator,
People’s Leader, Democratic Socialist,
Ardent Socialist, Pragmatic Capitalist,
Cautious Democrat, Fearless Corporatist,
Friendly to all Nations,
Champion of Workers, Friend of Business,
Advocate of Tripartite Social Dialogue,
Social Peace-maker with Justice,
Anti-Corruption, Anti-Communist,
Builder of Racial Harmony;
Unshakeable Multi-racialist and Multi-culturist,
Builder of Public Housing;
Defender of the Weak, Poor and Vulnerable,
A Family Man;
Grandfather, Father, Husband, Lover, Brother, Uncle,
Friend of the Environment;
Garden City Initiator, Clean and Green Ambassador,
The Father of Singapore;
Without Lee Kuan Yew, there is No Singapore.

A Decent Human Being.

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  1. As a foreigner who has been in Singapore for a decade, I think it is a deep and sad loss for Mr Lee Kuan Yew to leave his lion city forever.
    My condolences for his family and Singapore.