Sunday, 12 April 2015

Creating The Right and Best Organisation

 Right-Sizing Your Organisation
The Best Organisation for the Marketplace

A strategic business review and planning will clarify the future direction and nature of the business.   Only then will it be possible to design, develop and build the most effective organisation.  "Business" and "Organisation" are not the same thing.  A Business applies resources to create superior products and services to meet the market needs; whereas Organisation is the way in which those resources are administered ie. the systems, structure, jobs and corporate culture.

Companies who are commanding sustainable competitive positions in their respective marketplace are also those who  continually renew their organisations.  They do this by changing the organisational "shape" and "size", as well as updating/modifying aspects of their corporate culture, to suit new business and marketplace environments.

The values, beliefs and norms that constitute corporate culture also provide the cohesiveness for corporate activities and affect the implementation of the corporate strategy by the language and manner that strategy is communicated from one organisational level to another, vertically as well as horizontally.  Shared values and beliefs define the fundamental character of an organisation, providing that unique organisational personality that distinguish it from all others.

The Human Talent Oracle empowers your organisation and people with a greater awareness of your corporate values as well as develop an ongoing organisational response, driven by these values, to the ever-changing and competitive business operating environment and marketplace.

Continuous professional assistance is also available for the following areas:

[1] Corporate Culture Development
[2] Corporate Strategic Planning and Review
[3] Strategic Human Talent Management
[4] Organisational Strategy - A Blue Ocean Method
[5] Corporate Values Reinforcement

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