Sunday, 12 April 2015

Empowering People and Teams

Building High-Commitment People Teams

The empowered business corporation is the most effective organisation for the future.  And the future begins now.

No business success is based solely on technology.  The truth is people make products/services distinctive through superior quality and total customer satisfaction.  And it is their commitment, determination and initiative which drive the organisation to achieve excellence and advances in technology and systems.  The new management leadership imperative is to focus on corporate values such as openness, honesty, self-direction and the promotion of individual dignity in the workplace.  The fundamental management task is to motivate ingenious, creative and responsible marketplace-oriented contributions from its people.  THIS IS EMPOWERMENT.

Empowered people in a company have a profound sense of control and ownership over their jobs.  A high-commitment human resource strategy will encourage empowered employees to take on more responsibilities, emphasising mutuality or team synergy and produces a stronger commitment to excellence.  Within such a corporate culture, and guided by leadership providing clear mission and strategic directions, your people will focus on getting the job done, and having more responsibility further makes their work more challenging and rewarding.

My Mission as The Human Talent Oracle is to empower organisations and people to achieve greater effectiveness and success through understanding and discovering the value of leadership in human resource management.

The STRATEGIC FOCUS is the building  and development of High-Commitment People Teams on the corporate pillars of Leadership, Culture and Strategy.
Professional assistance is provided through management consultancy and training services in the following key target areas:

[A] Strategic Staffing Planning and Selection
[B] Training and Development for Job/Career Growth
[C] Organisational Sizing and Development
[D] Corporate Employee Communication Strategy

[E] Performance Oriented Rewards System


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