Sunday, 12 April 2015

Paying for Impact Performance

Paying Well to Do Better

The empowering organisation continually reinforces its corporate culture through the momentum of an objective performance evaluation system and a rewards structure which emphasises innovation, participation and marketplace-oriented behaviors.  Performance expectations are focussed on aggressive and dynamic objectives, rather than the mere attainment of minimum work standards.  Within such a positive performance management culture, employees are empowered to take on more responsibilities in participative work systems and are adequately compensated for creativity and innovation.
The Human Talent Oracle  will empower organisations and people through a positive performance management system, and which is reinforced by a performance-oriented rewards system which compensate your people within a band of perceived fairness financially, and get them to think about other things - their jobs, their customers, product/service quality, their colleagues and their sense of organisational pride.Continuous professional consulting is also available for the following areas:

[1] Remuneration Strategy and System
[2] Performance Evaluation and Appraisal
[3] Understanding Compa-Ratio and Salary Equity

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