Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Freedom To Do Good

Freedom has a Natural Moral Purpose

Freedom from Fear Must Overcome the Fear on Freedom

The Enemy of Freedom is Among Us

The life of Freedom is the constant battle for good, the continuous struggle against the conscious human efforts to impede human progress and happiness as well as prevent the outflowing of human intellectual and innovative enlightenment through elitism, class, tyranny, slavery, fear, poverty, injustice and social immobility.

How apt indeed when Terror would choose Paris AGAIN to be its global battlefield last Friday. It was another grim reminder, another timely wake-up call to all Freedom-lovers, of the rights and freedom bitterly and bloodily won by late-18th Century French Revolutionaries upon the founding values of “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” or “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood (or Community).

No doubt from the human toll of 13th Nov 2015 amidst the bomb-ridden ruins of the Paris suburbs will arise again a renew explosion of freedom’s boundless imagination by a loud proclamation and expounding of its spiritual and humanistic values and beliefs which have created modern commonwealths of free societies and democracies.

Freedom for what?

True and authentic Freedom has a natural moral purpose that embraces a totally holistic and responsible freedom that respects and appreciates diversity and differences, exercises restraint to recognize their individual sensitivities and to leverage our cherished freedom rights to build up goodwill and harmonious relationship within and among our communities regardless of race, language and religion.

At its birth, Freedom struggles for enlarging social space from fear, from want, from injustice, from slavery, and from class exploitations, so as to be empowered by the liberated space for the freedom of beliefs and choice to embrace its limitless possibilities.

Free society must teach what Freedom means exactly.  Freedom provides the philosophical and political moral raison d'être for the creation of human social systems based on equal opportunity, freedom of speech, popular sovereignty and representative government.

The immature in Freedom and those whose cultures are unaccustomed to Freedom's boundless and porous permissions should be better educated by those Freedom-lovers who knew better the true beauty and value of Freedom.   

A wrong lesson in Freedom was clearly taught by Paris in January 2015 when gunmen responded to offensive and inflammatory cartoons of their religious leader in a terrorist attack on the publisher Charlie Hebdo’s office killing 11 people and injuring another 11. Believers of the same faith from Turkey to Pakistan to Niger to the Middle East similarly erupted in predictable rage and anger over the offensive cartoons.

True and authentic Freedom would not defend Charlie Hebdo’s model of free speech as personified by its conduct.  Its twisted and contorted understanding of freedom, free speech and democracy unveiled a warped personality full of resentment, disdain and contempt for one and all who do not accept its worldview of a self-constructed cartoon reality.   

Freedom is what Freedom does.  It is not about what Freedom can do.  Freedom can do anything and everything!  Rather, it is what you can achieve with Freedom.  Using Freedom to tear down whatever delightful, endearing, inspiring affection, meaningful, cherishable, charitable or even beguiling, appealing and enchanting without any constructive regard for the sensibility of the beholder is a blatant misuse and abuse of Freedom.

Freedom is not just a sweet and desirable concept, it is also pure energy.  Like the sun, it can give life. It can also be even more destructive than a tidal tsunami or an erupting volcano. One should simply speak or propagate whatever the greater Truths with great Love and Compassion.  The impact of Freedom in enlarging the awareness of Truth assures its own longevity.

The deepest enduring quality of true and authentic Freedom is its voluntary exercise of self-restraint. Self-restraint is not censorship.  Self-restraint is wisdom acting out of common human decency and consideration.  Where free speech is indeed a natural freedom right, self-restraint should be regarded as its highest apex virtue.

Only thus can Freedom be shielded and protected from any physical and violent responses arising out of the offense inadvertently created by the exercise of its freedoms, especially free speech.
Nothing in this Post is intended to condone the wanton Paris massacre, deaths, mayhem, and widespread fear on the 13th November 2015. There is no justification whatsoever for the ISIS actions.  And no senseless deaths of innocent civilians could ever be condoned by any decent human being in the world, as with the barbaric and murderous killings of many others who have fallen victims to ISIS and similar inhuman and evil acts throughout the centuries.

It is worth noting that the French Revolution lasted less than 10 years.  The newfound freedoms unleashed a violent and turbulent decade of killings and abuses of civil liberties in what History remembered as a bloody “Reign of Terror” where suspected “enemies” of the Revolution were guillotined by the thousands.  In November 1799, the French Army led by young General Napolean Bornaparte mounted a coup d’etat effectively ended the French Revolution to begin the Napoleonic Era. Ironically, Freedom’s excesses ended to be replaced by dictatorial extremism. Freedom would eventually return in a re-calibrated enlightened form but not before the 2nd World War.  

This time, Freedom will defend itself. Freedom will not sit idly to suffer its abuse and misuse by those who choose not to embrace this most human of virtue.  Freedom is the first birthright of mankind.  Those who desire to deny others the rights and benefits of Freedom have no protection under them.  Indeed, why should they be eligible?  Freedom will retaliate, and respond fearlessly and mercilessly.     

Freedom speaks again:
“Mon nom est la Liberté, pas charlie ou Isis ou Daech!”
[English: “My name is Freedom, not Charlie or ISIS or DAESH!”]



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