Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 - The Age of Singularity Returns

In the Age of Singularity from 2017, know that:
There are only ONE Truth, only ONE Happiness, and only ONE Destiny.

Yesterday, an epoch ended, and another begins today.
Today, we enter the Age of Singularity once again.

For many only yesterday at the edge of hopelessness,
With others languishing in the throes
Of unbearable pain and intolerable wait; 
Whereas many more think it to be the end of their times,
Apocalypse has been postponed forever
As the Age of Singularity returns.
Today, we shall leave the inhospitable past
To begin a fresh new journey to obtain
The certainty of Singularity hope.  

This is the next stage in my life journey
Towards the destination at eternity’s edge
At the end of all the times
And to where time shall begin, again.

The past 366 days living at the edge of tomorrow,
And the 22,230 days of my life before today,
Were a continuous daily struggle in the ether of change and hope;
Navigating the pitfalls and milestones of errors,
Avoiding the tombstones of reluctant heroes,
To escape the end of otherwise meaningless existence. 

As TS Eliot so aptly put in “Little Gidding” (1942):
“We shall not cease from exploration;
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time”.

Of the pilgrimage towards life’s inevitable destination,
Guided only by the longing of one’s heart.   

2017 is an exceptional Year of unique Singularity;
It possesses the emergent power of “One”,
From 2017=(2+0+1+7)=10=(1+0)=1.
In Mathematics, “1” is an axiom as the self-evident truth;
Indeed, “1” exists as the very first self-evident truth without need for proof.
The Singularity “1” is thus Truth manifested.

2017 is also a Prime Number divisible only by itself and 1.
Prime numbers are the building blocks of numbers or knowledge,
And they exist independent of any logic or circumstances;
Basically, they are truths in themselves.

My past 22,230 days combines (2+2+2+3+0=9) into the number “9”
To signify the highest level of
Change and transformation happenings in 2017
From their unique confluence today and here forth.
Incidentally, the resultant “10” in 2017, (2+0+1+7=10),
Reveals the rebirth essence of the Age of the Singularity.

Further, ignoring “0” and assuming 1=A, 2=B, 3=C … 7=G,
2017 also translates into (B+A+G=Bag, or Baggage);
And so the Prime 2017 Singularity shall pack the inevitable baggage
Of the past into itself as the BAG;
All the paradox, ambiguity, chaos, absence and silence
That was central to the human condition,
Thus providing singular clarity with crystal vision
To empower a deeper understanding through the lens of its power of “1”.

In the Age of Singularity from 2017, know that:
There are only ONE Truth, only ONE Happiness, and only ONE Destiny. 

There is only ONE Truth

The first Singularity appears at the time of creation.  It is the primordial force of the Big Bang to give life to mankind’s existence. Singularity repeatedly visits mankind throughout the ages to provide the light of truth so that we will live purposefully by choice, without any delusions and illusions of false religions, myths, superstitions, man-made beliefs, true lies and more half truths, or the false promises of competition and domination, man-made celestial hope and the empty promises of economic exploitation.

Into the Age of Singularity, I shall continue to pursue and promote truths beyond conflated myths, facts, and fiction, to discover the truth faith that bridges wherever there to here.   My faith has strengthen as unbelief and disbelief are debunked when knowledge and wisdom overcome the delusions and illusions of man-made religions.

I am forever amazed and baffled by the fact that most of the faithful of the largest religions are among the most deprived, vulnerable, disadvantaged and poorest.  And that’s probably more than two-thirds of the world populations! 

In the not so distant past, virgins were sacrificed to the Gods or lesser gods in order to assure a great harvest.  There must be times where such virgins were sacrificed without bringing the rain … repeatedly!  Yet, the hungry and famished survivors would continue to believe in their failing Gods and gods!  Stupidly, no one apparently learnt that for the Gods and gods to be relevant and deserving of whatever worship the priestly class demanded, they must deliver steady streams of tangible benefits in the forms of food, water, good health, peace, material wealth and community harmony.  

Trust in your Gods and gods for whatever they are worthed, respect them but move on with your life.  Never be na├»ve and gullible to believe in the promises of Gods and gods fashioned by the hands of human priests and religious teachers who knew only too well the vast magnitude of broken and unanswered celestial and divine promises.  Cultivate a deep belief in yourself, period.

In the Age of Singularity, the light of Truth must overcome the darkness of blind faith and the delusions and illusions of man-made religions and philosophies.

Trusting in the power of “1” directs the Singularity to empower oneself to trust your own ability to separate right from wrong, truths from untruths and half-truths.  The Singularity “1” is a pragmatist, and does not listen to the random thoughts of others, only to your own inner voice.  “1” stands upright with pride, purpose and self-confidence, determined to achieve meaning and significance in the production of other numbers and knowledge in service beyond oneself.  It defines and embraces his own values and strives to transform dreams and ideas into reality by overcoming obstacles and human obstructions.  “1” is a focused pure energy for action, and in acting, it chooses to lead to bring him/herself and others towards the happiness of enlightenment outside and above human superstitions and delusions. 

There is only ONE Happiness

In the Age of Singularity, we should re-visit our understanding of Happiness. The elusive Happiness has driven too many into a perpetually suspended state of incompleteness resulting from their endless and futile search for that golden joy.  We do not readily recognize or admit our own hypocrisy, selfishness and insincerity for the failure.  The frequent absence of love’s central role in the pursuit of true Happiness eludes our understanding.   And our minds turn to the more tangible stuff.

The material pursuit of “more” and “better” becomes quickly the justification for the pursuit of selfishness, thinly disguised as the noble accumulation of material wealth and prosperity in the hope of locating the happiness which satisfies the ultimate true meaning and purpose of life’s brief existence. 

Expectantly and sadly, “more” and “better” did not deliver the promised Happiness.   The pursuit for life’s purpose hence degenerates into self-love as the end; which is quite inevitable really, having already availed and tasted the sweet addictive juice of the self as its sole and regular bedfellow.

In the Age of Singularity, we are mindful of the words of postmodern philosopher Richard Rorty in “Philosophy and Social Hope” (1999).   He had asserted that whereas "… there is a potential infinity of equally valuable ways to lead a human life, and these ways cannot be ranked in terms of degrees of excellence, but only in terms of their contribution to the happiness of the persons who lead them and of the communities to which these persons belong".

The Singularity Truth is that true Happiness has always been within our grasp before us, just beyond the tip of our noses.  True happiness is found only through contributing to the enhancement of happiness and love in other people.  The knowledge of this Truth empowers us to break free in natural freedom to show care and concern from the privilege to love another human being.  

Such is the eternal wisdom of Truth. The nourishing feeling of being loved feeds to drive the daily meaningless activities of work and existence.  True love is a privilege found in real Happiness which embraces much wonderful and silent pain at times.  True Happiness is forever a work-in-progress as we strive to increase its stock through love in the knowledge that the only happy response of being loved is really to love those who love us … as well as those who have not yet known us.   

There is only ONE Destiny

Life’s journey is essentially a journey of love.  In the Age of Singularity, know the power of the “1” as you reach out beyond your grasp … to go where?  What is your destination where you will meet your destiny?  Has your life’s purpose degenerated into an end in itself?

“Insanity is when you continue to do things the same way and hope for a different set of outcome or results.” - Albert Einstein

In the Age of Singularity, we shall embark on an endless transformative journey with a mindset of exponential possibilities to create an abundant future. With like-minded people, we shall grow a network of Singularity alchemists in connected learning communities to create global impact from our inspiration of exponential possibilities to produce significant change for people, planet and the environment.

The Singularity mindset focuses on the abundant future as our goal, not just in the multiplication and fair distribution of material wealth but also the leverage and application of technology and human intellect to disrupt the status quo and unlock solutions to the challenges and prospects of achieving the one Truth and One Happiness.  Our satisfaction from True Happiness shall come entirely from our efforts and work more than from any sources real or imaginary or spiritual. 

The event horizon of epic proportion for mankind arrives in 2017.  Exponential thinking for abundance will debunk and transform the ideas, thoughts and models of our religious beliefs, political systems and economic laws that have been founded upon the scarcity of resources to justify intolerable social systems of power and control to concentrate benefits and wealth in the hands of a few familities and their friends.  Convergence between some of the ideas are however possible with exponential and critical thinking.     

In and from 2017, impossibilities shall become possible.  They just take a little bit of time.  
We can question the Gods and gods;
Have peace without wars;
Joy without pain & sadness;
Abundance without poverty;
Living without sickness and disease;
Sharing without exploiting;
Collaboration without domination;
Loving without hurting or being hurt; and
To live exponentially like no tomorrow.

Yes, we can in the Age of Singularity by
Just a little consideration for others;
Just giving from what we have;
Just sharing a little more from our abundance;
Just be happy adding value for a little less profit;
Just being more gracious and less calculative;
Just be joyful to assist and serve without gain;
Just go make poverty history;
Just win the race against racism;
Just a little more love for your loved ones;
Just pray for the power of love
To vanquish the love for power.
Just choose to do the things that others won’t
So that we can always do the things that they can’t;
It is so simple to start living the Age of Singularity from Today

To make better our many tomorrows.



  1. The Age of Singularity is NOT a religion. As mankind ventures to understand the world around him, numbers develop and evolved into disciplines like physics, astronomy, social relations and the other sciences. The digital revolution is not another human invention; it is a natural outcome from deeper understanding of the knowledge empowered by numbers.

    Nothing spiritual or religious ... unless some self-proclaimed "holy" men/women want to claim some "special" or "secret" insights so as to impose their control and dominance over others. DO NOT grant power to such people. Anyone willing to study natural numbers shall embark on the wonderful journey towards joyful enlightenment ... without any need to fast, pray, wear special clothings or funny pointed hats or berets, hold beautiful ornaments or figurines, meditate, read books in ancient and dead languages, follows some daily or weekly routines, build expensive temples or worship places ... and then some.

    The beautiful part in all these is you can still continue to believe in your failing Gods or gods! There is also no necessity to kill or harm or bomb anyone who do not agreed with you. Believer or not, everyone lives by the numbers .... and they tell us that our days are indeed numbered and expiring. In the Age of Singularity, begin to live by the numbers, and feel the sensation of true freedom!