Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mother's Day 2017 - Special People, Exceptional Women

Tribute on Mother’s Day 2017

Gone forever from my life now are
The mothers and women who loved me most
During their life,
Granny, Mother and wife Rosie.
My life wanders, lingering on alone
In a world still mourning the loss
Of its greatest human treasures.

Mother left first, a year after surviving stroke.
Rosie fought for 2 years against the cancer scourge
Before the good Lord took her to rest with Him.
I remember the springtime Granny died;
It was a beautiful sunny springday in 2003.
After 101 years, 6 children, 20 grandchildren,
And 28 great-grandchildren.
A line of 54 offsprings over a blessed century well-lived.

Today, timeless memories rush in
Bringing loving moments of joy,
Recalling the joyous moments of love.
I remembered
They held my hands guiding me
through life’s unseen dangers,
And grow me to be a man.
They gave completely of themselves;
Unconditional without hesitation,
Or thoughts of gain and self.
Expecting nothing in return;
Only to love in their turn.

They taught me life’s
Most important great lessons:
That to love brings to others
The key to the gates of happiness,
And to be loved gives
Meaning and purpose to life.
I know as I shall look back each day,
The moments truly lived have been
With those I have loved
And those who also loved me.

Love returned in 2012 when Pingping
Nurtures in me the courage
To be loved as love first found me.
Her love strengthens me,
As we walk in joyful matrimony through
The valleys in the deep shadow of life.
I shall never walk alone again,
As the spirit of love returned to my heart.

Love has found me once more,
Living the legacy of  three mothers,
Testifying a time
When the essence of love
Flows from their hearts,
Creating the beauty in their souls.

On this mother’s day 2017,
May they rest in peace in wait
For our meet at the special place in my heart,
Where we shall embrace again
And walk together through eternity
To the end of the times.

© 2017  Michael Heng

Dedicated to the special women who love me

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